Spring 2009 Newsletter Now Available

NewsletterCoverThe Spring 2009 edition of the Chapter Newsletter is now up and available. Ifyou are a Great River Chapter member, you received a copy of this via your current email address, as we have it. This issue marks the first to be distributed exclusively in digital (.pdf) format.
The newsletter includes a new editorial feature called “The Sediment Stops Here”. This will be a regular feature, with guest editorials covering hot topics related to erosion & control BMP’s. The first feature, written by Chapter President Tom Wells, talks about hay/straw bales…..in a positive light! Shocking! The newsletter also features a great article from Board Member Rebecca Kauten about a fresh perspective on proper planning for stormwater management.


If you want to be a part of our newsletters, drop us an article! We’re always eagerly looking for new stories to cover from our Chapter region. Enjoy!

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