Great Connections 2014 Gets To The Heart of Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management

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The Great Lakes and Great Rivers Chapters of IECA represents nine American states (IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MO, NE, OH, and WI) and one Canadian province (ON).  The region is characterized by old industry, overstressed underground stormwater systems, strong wetlands and conservation policies, agricultural runoff challenges, wind induced soil erosion, and riverside urban redevelopment.

More than 700 registered CPESC holders reside here. Another 400+ are in the immediately bordering zones. The region is also strong in registered CISEC professionals Perhaps most telling of how deeply connected this shared region is to forward-looking stormwater management response is the fact that nearly half of all the new CMS4S certification holders are based here.

This water-quality focused region will now play host to a dynamic, new workshop and conference: Great Connections 24.

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