President’s Message Spring/Summer 2016

I‘d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, as I’m the Great River’s Chapter President for 2016. My name is Ron Poe and my day job is managing the Roadside Stabilization Unit at the Nebraska Department of Roads. Some of our responsibilities include erosion and sediment control design, specifications, and seed mixtures for construction and maintenance projects. We also manage environmental compliance on construction sites, multiple water quality permits and NDOR’s vegetation management program. I’ve spent the past 18 years, immersed in the stormwater industry.
On a personal note, I received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University in May 1993. Go Cyclones! My wife and I have three grown children; Branden, an independent film maker in New York City, Marissa, studying medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Jeralyn, who runs cross coutry and track for Michigan State University.
IECA has a couple events in the works that we’re pretty excited about. The first is the Great Connections Conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin on July 26-28. Our Great Rivers Chapter has teamed up with the Great Lakes and Northern Plains Chapters to host this event. The planning committee has put together an awesome agenda and numerous vendors will be available to discuss their stormwater related products. Visit the event’s website for additional information.
Planning is just beginning for our annual fall conference in Kansas City navigate here. This event will be held in late October. Send me an email if you are interested in assisting on our planning committee or if you have a topic that you’d be interested in presenting. More information will be coming out in the near future about this event and you’ll also be able to visit our website for additional information.
Here in Nebraska, by the time this newsletter is published, the Public Notice comment period will have closed for four water quality permits related to construction sites and stormwater. A fifth, our General Construction Stormwater Permit, will hopefully come to formal Public Notice in the next few months. As new versions of permits are being considered for release, it takes some time to determine the signficance of any changes to our programs. As IECA members, we are a very diverse group and new permits affect us all in different ways. Regardless of your background, I encourage everyone to review your state’s permits and reflect on how these permits impact the work that you do. I know that within my position at NDOR, whenever a new permit is released, it is an opportunity for us to review our entire stormwater program, from design to construction to maintenance, as well as the BMPs that we use.
2016 is shaping up to be a great year and I’m excited about IECA and what this organization has to offer.
Have a great summer!
Ronald Poe, PLA, CPESC

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